How to Install and Run Android Apps in Windows 11

Windows 11, the latest OS released on October 5th by Microsoft, makes it available to install and run Android Apps in your PC devices. This is one of the significant changes introduced in the new system.

Install and Run Android Apps in Windows 11

In Windows 10, a smartphone is needed to connect to computer or a Android emulator, such as BlueStack, LD Player, should be installed to install and play Android games. While in Windows 11, none of them are needed, only install Win 11 and follow our introductions to install and run Android Apps on your computer.

While Microsoft has not released this new feature in the version launched on October 5th. In the coming months, Microsoft will start to preview this feature and not sure when will be available.

Anyway, we will show you how to make it possible to run Android Apps on your computer. First, please update your current system to Windows 11. But before that, please run the health check tool to test whether your computer hardware can run Win 11 or not.

Second, we still can download BlueStack and similar tools to run any Android games or apps.

Third, when the new feature is ready, please follow the steps below to install and run Android Apps through Microsoft Store directly. What’s the most important thins is to prepare a Amazon account.

  • Launch Start Menu and select Microsoft Store;
  • Get the Android Apps category and get the apps you want to install;
  • Click on the Apps icon;
  • Choose Get from Amazon Appstore to install and run Android apps in Windows 11

In conclusion, though the new feature is not ready currently, but we’re still expecting the good news when Microsoft will make it available.



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