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Test My Internet Speed

Why Should We Know How Fast Is My Internet?

Internet has been playing a more and more important role in our daily routines and working.

The slower our Internet speed is, the work and life will become less effective. It will take a longer time to waiting for the loading of page. All is the endless “Loading…” on our computer and mobile device. Therefore, we must know how fast is my Internet? What is my Internet Speed? Then we can find out a method to increase our Internet speed. Because there are many factors that will cause the slow Internet speed.

How to Do Internet Speed?

On the top of our page, we provide you the totally free online Internet speed test tool to help you check your current speed. Also you can also download other third-party programs to have this test done, but it’s less convenient that to do that with a online tool which only requires to open a single page.

Why My Internet Is Slow?

When our Internet is not performing well as it usually does. We should narrow down the reasons why my Internet is so slow to help us find out the correct ways to fix it. Usually, the following possible factors will cause a slow Internet speed.

  • A low-cost Internet service subscription from the provider, which has a limitation on the bandwidth of your Internet;
  • You’re visiting too many websites which requires higher Internet speed at the same time;
  • You’re downloading or uploading big files;
  • Your Wi-Fi channels have too many connections;
  • The location you’re at is too far away from the routers of the service;
  • Your hardware is too old to run in a fast speed.

How to Increase My Internet Speed?

  1. Upgrade the subscription plan from your Internet Service Provider to increase the bandwidth of our plan to get a faster speed;
  2. Shut down the websites that you don’t need to visit now;
  3. Don’t upload or download more than 1 big files simultaneously, or get your big files composed before uploading;
  4. Change your WiFi password to avoid some using a spy tool to connect Internet via your WiFi;
  5. If your hardware is too old, I recommend you to get a new one;
  6. Download Internet Optimization tool to clean the browser settings to increase Internet speed.  

For more methods about how to increase my Internet speed, please get it here to get your device run like a new one.