WSATool Makes It Easy to Install Any Android APK in Windows 11

After Microsoft announcing the support of run Android Apps in Windows 11 and only 50 apps have been already supported. And before you can play any Android games on Windows system, you need to install the subsystem and get them from Amazon Store. Now, an open source tool named as WAS Tool can help you run any Android apk file directly in Windows 11 without the subway system installed.

What’s WASTool?

WSAtools is a series of tool that will help you to access the Windows Subsystem for Android via batch scripts and other console tools and install Android Apps on your Win 11 computer.

The Highlighted Feature of WASTool

Check the main features of this tool below, which are also listed in the github blog.

  • Installation of any APK file in one click.
  • Access to the ADB Shell.
  • Installation of Windows Subsystem For Android™ in unsupported regions.
  • Installation of the Aurora Store as an alternative to the Google Play Store。
  • Installation of a simple app launcher for easy access to other apps

How to Install and Built WASTool in Windows 11?

Step 1: Get it here;
Step 2: Click to run the .hat file in the folder you created
Step 3: Build the executable with The Batchman to converts Windows batch scripts (or HTA) into executable files

How to install Android apk files to Windows 11 with WASTool?

The WSA Toolbox app can only work on your device with the Developer Mode is on. Before starting, please make sure you have turned on the Developer Mode. Then you can start up the WSA service that is required for WSA Toolbox at the top of the settings menu.

When it is running, you can now use the WSA Toolbox to install any APK file on your Windows 11 now. You can find APK file on many third-party download sites. Another choice is to install the Aurora Store to gain access to the Play Store with WSATool.

For more detailed helps, you can get it here.


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