What Is My IP Address

As the Internet criminal is keeping increasing these years, more and more web citizens are paying attention to the cyber security, and aren’t willing to expose their personal information to the public. Therefore, the first thing is to check the IP address and hide it from hackers to protect personal information.

Check my IP Address

What Is An IP Address?

IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address. An Internet Protocol address assigns a logical address to a device, it’s just like our name.

The IP address is just like your home address. It is used to help us efficiently and conveniently identify and locate the particular device from tens of thousands of computers on the Internet.

Usually, there are static IP address or dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP means you will be randomly assigned an IP address every time you go online, while static IP means an IP address is fixedly assigned to you. The difference between dynamic IP and static IP is that dynamic IP allows you to connect the Internet by automatically obtaining an IP address at first, while static IP allows you directly connect the Internet without obtaining an IP address because you are assigned an IP address by the Internet Service Provider when installation. IPv4 and IPv6 are two types of IP addresses used currently.

What Is IPv4?

IPv4 is used by most network devices now. It’s based on 32 bits and can generate around 4 billion unique IP addresses. However, IPv4 addresses are almost running out because of more and more computers on the Internet. An IPv4 address looks like An IPv4 addresses consist of four octets each of them can’t be larger than 255. An example of IPv4 address is 192.0. 2.146.

What Is IPv6?

IPv6 is the next version of the Internet protocol, which is the replacement for the IPv4. In order to expand the pool of addresses, IPv6 is intended to eventually replace IPv4. IPv6 is based on 128 bits and can generate 3.4 x 1038possible addresses. An example of IPv6 address is 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334.

What Is My IP Address Location?

Your IP address location reveals the geographic location of your computer, like the city, state or general area. Here you may realize your real identity may be discovered even you are in the virtual network. Actually, in most cases, your IP address will not show the specific street address of your location. However, some people who have a great talent in computer can discover your exact location with techniques through your IP address. If you want to prevent your location from being known by others, it’s important to you hide or change your IP address.

How to Hide My IP Address and My Location?

There are three easy ways to hide your IP address to protect your location from being discovered.

1. Use a VPN

A VPN is the simplest and safe way to hide your IP address or even change your IP address. The VPN will encrypt the tunnel of your traffic, so that no one can know the destination of your traffic. In other words, all your activities are under a virtual IP address though the VPN. Only one will be able to see your actual IP address, your VPN provider. Therefore, it’s important for you to choose a trusted VPN.

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2. Use a proxy

The proxy server is an intermediate server through which your traffic takes a detour. Instead of your real IP address, the IP address of the proxy server will be exposed to the server you access. All the data from the connected server reach to you through the proxy server at first. However, the proxy server is not the 100% secure way. Because the proxy servers may also monitor you or show advertisements in your browser if they are benefit from advertiser.