Getting Android Apps on Windows 11 Is Available in Next Public Preview

Many users were excited about the first release of Windows 11 as users could install Android apps and play Android games with Windows system. While only 50 apps were supported after its release. Now the good news is that Microsoft announced in the official blog page that you can get Android apps on Windows 11 via Microsoft Store in the next public preview version.

As Microsoft said, Windows will continue to be the backbone for innovation, a destination for gaming, creativity and exploration, and a gateway to the Metaverse. It is certainly a new era for Windows to allow user to get Android Apps on Win 11. And this update may be available in February in 2022.

Get Android Apps on Windows 11

Except for the Android apps, the taskbar will be also improved with the mute and unmute feature, which makes window sharing easier and brings weather to the taskbar.

If you want to get Android apps on Windows 11 and get new updates, you should be firstly join in the Dev channel, and make sure your hardware meet the minimum system requirements of Windows 11. Another requirements of join Windows 11 Dev Channel is to ensure you’re located in US and update the Microsoft Store to the latest version.


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