Windows 11 PC Health Check Tool: WhyNotWin11 Details

Microsoft says Windows 10 can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free. However, not all computers can run Windows 11 for there are Windows 11 system requirements. So, you need to check if your computer is compatible with Windows 11. Microsoft provides a PC Health Check application for users to check if their computers can run Windows 11, which is removed before because but not comes back online. however, this tool is only provided for Windows 11 insider users. Actually, there is another PC Health Check tool, WhyNotWin11, can help all users check if your computer can run Windows 11 and details why your computer isn’t Windows 11 compatible. Let’s go through the details.

How to Get WhyNotWin11?

Get WhyNotWin11 from GitHub

WhyNotWin11 is a third-party tool which can be gained from GitHub. If you get WhyNotWin11 fromGitHub, it has no need of installing. You can run WhyNotWin11 directly by opening the .exe file.

Note: since lacking of signature, Microsoft edge or other browsers may stop you download WhyNotWin11.

WhyNotWin11 from GitHub

Download & Install WhyNotWin11 program

If you think it is difficult for you to download WhyNotWin11 from GitHub, there is another easy way to get WhyNotWin11, the same as other third party programs.

Just Download WhyNotWin11. and then install this program. That’s it!

run WhyNotWin11

How to Check If Your PC is Compatible with Windows 11 Using WhyNotWin11?

After installed WhyNotWin11 on your computer, next you can run it to check your computer is compatible with Windows 11.

1 Open WhyNotWin11 on your PC.

2 You will see a Run as Administrator box, just click on YES.

3 After that, WhyNotWin11 will automatically scan your PC and then WhyNotWin11 will tell you’re the scanning results.

If your computer is not compatible with Windows 11, WhyNotWin11 will show you the reasons why it is not compatible with Windows 11.


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