How to Download and Use Slack on Windows 11?

Slack, as one of the best entertainment app for Windows 10/11, has been more and more important for team members to communicate, due to the covid-19 pandemic. The communication between teams is faster, better organized, and more secure than the traditional email. This article will show you the basic information of one of the Best Productivity Windows 11 Apps – Slack, and how to download and use Slack on Windows 11.

All You Should Know About Slack

Slack Description:

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

How to Download and Use Slack on Windows 11?

What can you do with Slack?

  • Communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to your work
  • Message or call any person or group within your team
  • Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people all in Slack
  • Integrate into your workflow, the tools and services you already use including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more
  • Easily search a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files
  • Customize your notifications so you stay focused on what matters

Slack Basic Information:

PublisherSlack Technologies Inc.
Free or PaidFree
Language11 Languages: Chinese (Simplified),Chinese (Traditional),English,French,German,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil),Russian,Spanish

How to Download and Install Slack on Windows 11?

First, you should have created a Microsoft Account;

Second, open Microsoft Store by searching Store in Search box;

Third, search Slack in Microsoft Store and press Enter;

Fourth, select the Slack app and click Install.

Fifth, just wait to complete the installation process.

Except for the Windows Version, Slack also has a Mac, Android and iOS version. Learn how to get Slack Android apps on Windows 11. Or you can use it online directly on its official website as the best online teamwork tool.

How to Use Slack App on Windows 11?

After installation, your next steps is learn how to use Slack on Windows 11.

  1. Click Open to start the Slack after installation;
  2. Log in to Slack with your existed account. Otherwise, a new account for Slack should be created; you can create the account with your email;
  3. Start communicate with your team members.

Note: before communicating, please make sure your camera and audio driver work properly.


Now with the best Windows 11 productivity apps, Slack allows you to gather all your people, tools and communication in one place, then you can work faster and more flexibly than ever before.

Go and Get Slack App for Windows 11 from Microsoft Store.


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