Can Intel i5-6500 Run Windows 11?

The Intel i5-6500 is not compatible with the Windows 11 operating system. While the Intel i5-6500 is one of the newest processors in the i5 family of processors, computers based on the Intel i5-6500 processor cannot run the Windows 11 operating system. This can not help but let the Intel i5-6500 processor users disappointed.

Why is Intel i5-6500 processor not compatible with Windows 11?

Microsoft publishes a list of Windows 11 compatible processors, and the Intel i5-6500 processor is not on the list of Intel processors compatible with running Windows 11. Since the official release of Windows 11, Microsoft has not made any updates to this table, which means that basically the current list of Intel processors compatible with Windows 11 can be considered the final list. Therefore we do not expect i5-6500 based processors to appear on the compatibility list in the future.

It is understood that Intel’s 8th generation and higher processors are compatible with Windows 11. Intel i5-6500 is the sixth generation processor. Therefore, it is not compatible with Windows 11.

Although the reason for the incompatibility between the Intel i5-6500 and Windows 11 has not been officially announced, it is not difficult to guess that the incompatibility between the i5-6500 and Windows 11 may be for security reasons or performance reasons. Before releasing Windows 11, Microsoft tested Windows 11’s performance and stability on a variety of processors. According to the test results, some processors running Windows 11 have a higher hardware crash rate than the benchmark hardware crash rate on the computer. These processors are marked as incompatible by Microsoft. In order to improve the security, performance and user experience of Windows 11 users, Microsoft has determined that the Intel i5-6500 is incompatible with Windows 11.

What does Intel i5-6500 incompatible with Windows 11 mean?

The Intel i5-6500’s incompatibility with Windows 11 means you won’t be able to get the official Windows 11 update in your Windows 10 computer. The Windows Update program blocks incompatible systems, meaning that you cannot update to Windows 11 through the normal update program. At that time, i5-6500-based computers cannot participate in the Windows Update program, which is why i5-6500-based computers cannot be detected by the PC Health Check App.

Can Windows 11 be installed on an Intel i5-6500 based computer?

While Intel i5-6500-based computers will not be able to update to Windows 11 through the updater, there are still ways to install Windows 11 on Intel i5-6500-based computers. In fact, you can install Windows 11 on any incompatible computer if security and performance issues are not a concern. You can install Windows 11 on an Intel i5-6500 based computer by reading How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC.

Other options for using Windows 11 on Intel i5-6500 based computers?

Buy a new processor
Since the Intel i5-6500 is not compatible with Windows 11, you may consider purchasing a new processor that is compatible with Windows 11 and will work with your existing motherboard.

Buy a new computer
Buy a new computer with Windows 11 or buy another computer with an Intel 8th generation or later processor.

In summary, Intel i5-6500 based computers cannot run Windows 11. However, you can still do a clean install of Windows 11 on an Intel i5-6500 computer. But it’s worth noting that your computer won’t receive any security updates.


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