Can Intel i7-6700K Run Windows 11?

According to the Intel processor list supporting Windows 11, Intel i7 6700K processor is incompatible with Windows 11. In other words, Intel i7 6700K can’t run Windows 11. actually, i7-6700K processor based system meets the other requirements of Windows 11, only the i7-6700K processor doesn’t satisfy the processor requirements of upgrading to Windows 11. Aside from Intel i7 6700K, the Intel i7 6th Gen can’t run Windows 11. To confirm that, you can check your Intel i7 6700K device with PC Health check app. If you find the image below appeared on your screen, then it is confirmed that Intel i7 6700K can’t run Windows 11.

Why Is Intel i7-6700K Incompatible with Windows 11?

Microsoft has stringent requirements for compatibility of the processor to run Windows 11. Because Microsoft found out that systems with incompatible processor have a high crash rate when them run Windows 11. Therefore, Microsoft hope the stringent requirements for processor compatibility can improve the Windows 11 experience.

Besides the PC Health check app, you can also find that there is no Intel i7 6th Gen in the compatible processor list from Microsoft. Click here to check the complete Intel processor list supporting Windows 11.

It is unclear if the processor list will be update in the future. And, it is also unclear why the Intel 4 Hz processor, that is faster than most Intel i3 and Intel i5 processors is not compatible with Windows 11.

How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Intel i7-6700K?

Any question has solution, is unable the matter which may think not to have. If you really want to experience Windows 11 on Intel i7 6700K, read the article how to install Windows 11 on unsupported CPUs to find the way to allow Intel i7 6700K run Windows 11.

One thing is worth noting. Although you can install Windows 11 on device with incompatible processor, you can’t receive any update when there is a new version released. Therefore, before you do that, you should consider it clearly.


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  1. Hallo,

    in dem Artikel „Kann Intel i7-6700K Windows 11 ausführen?“ sagen Sie aus, das Win11 zwar mit dem i7-6700K-Prozessor läuft, aber dass man dann auf Updates verzichten muss.

    Das stimmt so nicht.
    Ich habe Win11 auf meinem i7-6700K System installiert „WyNotWin11“ zeigt zwar an, dass diese CPU nicht unterstütz wird aber Win11läuft einwandfrei.

    Und Updates erhalte ich auch automatisch.

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