Can Intel i3 7100u Run Windows 11?

Windows 11 Health Check tells you Intel i3 7100u is not a supported CPU? Can you upgrade to Windows 11 on Intel i3 7100u? How to install Windows 11 on PC with Intel i3 7100u processor? No worries, this article will help you solve above questions. Keep reading.

Does Intel i3 7100u Support Windows 11?

The answer is no. Intel i3 7100u is not in the list of Windows 11 supported Intel processors. According to Microsoft, only 8th or higher generation of Intel core processor are compatible with Windows 11. That means you can’t upgrade to Windows 11 via program udpate on your Intel i3 7100u based device even though your device meets the other Windows 11 system requirements.

In order to guarantee the good experience on Windows 11, Microsoft makes more strick requirements for Windows 11, such as TPM 2.0, processor, memory and so on. After testing serveal processors, Microsoft found that some old processors have a higher crash rate when running Windows 11. Therefore, they decide not to upgrade those devices with old processors to Windows 11.

However, it does mean you can’t install Windows 11 on unsupported Intel i3 7100u. Next, we will tell you the details.


How to Install Windows 11 on PC with Intel i3 7100u Processor?

Before you do that, you should know the device with old processors may face bad experience on running Windows 11. If you don’t care about that, then go ahead.

We will tell you three different ways to install Windows 11 on Intel i3 7100u. Actually, they are also work for those devices with other unsupported CPU. Let’s check them one by one.

Method 1 Perform clean install on unsupported Intel i3 7100u

As you know, download Windows 11 ISO is a way to perform a clean install of Windows 11 on PC. It can also help you install on unsupported CPU.

Step 1 Download Windows 11 ISO and run the ISO installer.

Step 2 Download an Installation Assistant from the Microsoft. The installation assistant will guide you to complete the installation of Windows 11.

Step 3 Create an installation media on a USB drive or a DVD media by using Windows 11 Media Creation Tool. Boot the system using the media and run through the Windows 11 installation process.

Method 2 Install Windows 11 on Intel i3 7100u by Ventoy

It seems that the first way is a little bit different and time-consuming. If you are not familar with the first way, you can try to use some thrid party programs to install Windows 11 on Intel i3 7100u with a few clicks. The first one is Ventoy.

Step 1 Download Ventoy and install it.

Step 2 Download Windows 11 ISO.

Step 3 Open Ventoy folder and copy the Windows 11 ISO file to Ventoy folder.

Step 4 Create a new folder named ventoy. Open ventoy folder and right-click on the space to create a json file.

Step 5 Copy and paste the following code to the file and save it.

“control”: [







{“VTOY_MENU_TIMEOUT”:  “10” },

{“VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE”:  “/ISO/debian_netinstall.iso”},

{“VTOY_FILE_FLT_EFI”:  “1”},



Step 6 Boot PC from that USB and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete Windows 11 installation.

Method 3 Install Windows 11 on Intel i3 7100u by WinPass11

The second thrid party program to install Windows 11 is WinPass11. Use WinPass11 can bypass Windows 11 requirements easily.

Step 1 Join Windows Insider Program and get the latest OS version.

Step 2 Download the WinPass11 Installer, run the WinPass11.exe file, and click Next.

Step 3 Click Next. But if you have already tried to install Windows 11 using WinPass11, click the Clean button.

Step 4 Click the Apply button (Before that, make sure you are in the Release Preview channel and reboot if necessary).

Step 5 Click Settings button to turn on Windows Update.

Step 6 Click the Check for Updates option and wait for the download.

Step 7 Now, wait for the message “This PC cannot run Windows 11”.

Step 8 Go back to the WinPass11 installer and click the Replace button to replace the AppraiserRes.dll file.

Step 9 Click the Setting button to open Windows Update, then click the Fix problems button to restart the Windows 11 installation.

Step 10 Waiting for your PC to be tested for compatibility with Windows 11.

Step 11 Click the close button (note: your computer violates the hardware limit).



Now, you know that Intel i3 7100u is incompatible with Windows 11. However, this article offers you three ways to install Windows 11 on unsupported CPU. If you want to install Windows 11 but your CPU does not support the upgrade, try these methods in this article.


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