How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC?

As we all known, there are minimum hardware requirements to run Windows 11. That means some computers which don’t satisfy minimum requirements can’t install Windows 11. However, if you have unsupported system like no dpm or secure boot option and 64-bit system, then you come to the right place. This article will tell you how to install Windows 11 on unsupported PC. It’s easy and quick, just keep reading.

1 Download Windows 10 iso and Windows 11 iso

To download windows 10 official iso, visit Microsoft official Website, then click on Download Tool Now button to create Windows 10 installation media.

Then open the downloaded program and accept the Applicable notices and license terms. a few seconds later, choose Create installation media (USB flash driver, DVD or ISO file) for another PC.

Next, set language, architecture and edition and then choose ISO file in the following window and click on Next button to save the ISO file on your desktop.

How to Download Windows10 iso
Download Windows10 iso

To download Windows 11 official iso, Sign up for the Windows 11 Insider Program, and then click here.

2 Install Windows 11 on unsupported PC

Create two empty folders, one named Windows 11 and the other one named Windows 10.

Then open the Windows 11 iso, select and copy all files from Windows 11 iso and then paste to Windows 11 folder. Next, open the Windows 10 iso, select and copy all files from Windows 10 iso and then paste to Windows 10 folder. Now all files are copied to their respected folders.

Create Windows 10 and 11 Folders

Open Windows 10 folder and go into resource folder, right-click on install.esd and choose Delete option, and then copy all files here. Next, open Windows 11 folder, go into sources folder, paste the all here from sources of Windows 11 folder and replace the files in the destination because some files are the same.

Next, run setup in Windows 11 folder. Then, you will see Windows 10 installation but you actually will get Windows 11. Just follow the guide to install. after a while, you will see Windows 11 successfully installed on your PC.

Run Windows 11 Setup
Run-Windows-11-SetupRun Windows 11 Setup

3 Update to the latest Windows 11 official version

Click on Start icon and search for Settings. Go to Update & Security. Link your account to Windows Insider Program by clicking on Windows Insider Program and choosing Dev Channel. Go for update and retry and it will download and install.

Update Windows 11
Update Windows 11

After above three steps, you can install Windows 11 on your unsupported PC without data loss and errors.



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