Can Intel i7 7700HQ Run Windows 11?

Actually, Intel i7 7700HQ processor is not compatible with Windows 11. That’s is to say, the devices with Intel i7-7700HQ processor can’t install Windows 11. And computers with Intel i7-7700HQ processor will not forced to update to Windows 11 from Windows 10. according to Microsoft, there are only three Intel i7 processors compatible Windows 11. They are:

  • Intel i7-7820X
  • Intel i7-7820HQ
  • Intel i7-7000X

If you want to know other Intel processors compatible with Windows 11, you can click here to check the complete list of Intel processors compatible with Windows 11. besides the three Intel i7 processors we mentioned above, any other Intel i7 processors are not compatible with Windows 11. if you want to confirm that, you can also use PC Health check app to check the compatibility of your Intel i7-7700HQ compatibility.

Can Intel i7 7700HQ Run Windows 11?

Why Intel i7-7700HQ Can’t Run Windows 11?

We are not clear why Intel i7-7700HQ is not compatible with Windows 11 because Microsoft or Intel didn’t officially announced the reason why Intel i7-7700HQ can’t run on Windows 11. however, we can take a guess about the reason of incompatibility between Intel i7-7700HQ and Windows 11.

Recently, something strange happened. Systems not compatible with Windows 11 are updated to Windows 11 automatically. These devices run with Intel i7 and Intel i5 processors. Users guess that Microsoft is testing the Windows 11 on incompatible processors. But Microsoft reported that the incompatible systems can’t get the update through control panel. And based on the results of PC Health check app, we can find that Intel i7-7700HQ is indeed incompatible with Windows 11.

How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Intel i7-7700HQ?

However, it’s not impossible Intel i7-7700HQ runs Windows 11 even the PC Health check app said Intel i7-7700HQ does not support Windows 11. if you really want to try Windows 11 on your Intel i7-7700HQ device, read the article how to install Windows 11 on unsupported CPUs. It will give you an answer how to run Windows 11 on Intel i7-7700HQ.

But one thing you need to pay attention, if you install Windows 11 on Intel i7-7700HQ processor based computers, you can’t get security updates, product updates, or quality updates for Windows 11. But it’s unclear for the upcoming update policy for Windows 11.



  1. why on my laptop with I7-7700hq windows 11 show up on windows update ( beta channel) make me confuse, i thought i7-7700hq not supported like you said

  2. Esses não são compatíveis, então porque estão na lista de compatibilidade?
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-10510U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-10510Y
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-1060G7
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-10610U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-1065G7
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-1068NG7
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-10700
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10700E
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10700F
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10700K
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10700KF
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10700T
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10700TE
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10710U
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10750H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10810U
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10850H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10870H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-10875H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11370H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11375H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11390H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11600H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1160G7
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1165G7
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1165G7
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11700
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11700F
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11700K
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11700KF
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11700T
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11800H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1180G7
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-11850H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1185G7
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1185G7E
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1185GRE
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-1195G7
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-12700K
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-12700KF
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-7800X
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-7820HQ[1]
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-7820X
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8086K
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8500Y
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8550U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8557U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8559U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8565U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8569U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8650U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8665U
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8665UE
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8700
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8700B
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8700K
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8700T
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8705G
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8706G
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8709G
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8750H
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8809G
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-8850H
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9700
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9700E
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9700F
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9700K
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9700KF
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9700T
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9700TE
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9750H
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9750HF
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9800X
    Intel® Núcleo™ i7-9850H
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-9850HE
    Intel® ™ Principal i7-9850HL

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