New Emoji Are Generally Available in Windows 11

Emojis have being one of part in our daily work and life to help us express our personality and to help up communicate with others in a more moderate or fancy way. As most internet users will send emojis to our contacts, they’re disappointed with the removal of Clippy on Windows 11.

But today, Microsoft officially announced that the new Fluent style emoji will be available for all Windows 11 users. More modern and expressive emoji could be used in the new version, as there are some big updates with it:

  • The bold and black outlines design in Windows 10 has been removed;
  • Colors and shapes of some of the emojis are redesigned to make them have a more Apple or Google like;
  • Still no 3D emojis in the emoji picker;
  • Adds the ability to search for Emoji 13.1 in all supported languages;
  • More panel and emojis could be accessed in apps;
  • The emoji dictionary was updated…
Emojis on Windows 10 and Windows 11
Emojis on Windows 10 and Windows 11

How to get Fluent emoji on Windows 11?

The new emoji will be accessed in the November 2021 Windows 11 preview release today. If you want to have an early access to it, please follow the steps:

  • Click Settings after launching Start Menu;
  • Choose Windows Update;
  • Check for update on your Windows 11 device;
  • Update to the latest version;
  • Reboot your computer;
  • Press Win key + period key to access the new emoji within the emoji picker.

Note: the new emoji is not available for Windows 10 users.


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