3D Emoji May Be Available on Windows 11

In November 2021, Microsoft announced the fluent Emojis on Windows 11 and many users are excited about that. Now at the end of January 2022, only over two months, a distinguished designer at Microsoft – Nando Costa, revealed that Microsoft is still working on the 3D Emoji.

Nando Costa revealed the new direction for Microsoft emoji system – the company’s push towards 3D after a 2020 hackathon. Someone on Twitter tells that the 3D emoji is needed in Windows 11, and Costa says “We’re working on that” with a grinning emoji for response.

3D Emoji May Be Available on Windows 11

But till now, we’re not sure whether the 3D emoji will come to the next update of Win 11. We can still expect the new features as Microsoft has ever released the update for emojis without any notice and explanation on that.


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