Windows 11 Emoji will Be unavailable on Windows 10

Microsoft has started rolling out new Fluent Design-based emoji to Windows 11 users. These emojis based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design match the modern look and feel of Windows 11. The new Fluent emoji pack supports Unicode emoji version 13.1 or later.

The new emoji experience rolls out with Windows 11 KB5007262 (build 22000.348). KB5007262 is an optional update that Microsoft will not force users to download and install.

The new emoji will not be rolled out to Windows 10 users, it will be a unique emoji for Windows 11, which means that Windows 10 users will not get the new emoji.

Unlike emoji from the Windows Phone era before, the new emoji in Windows 11 look more modern, colorful and fun. And the new emoji are nothing like their 3D refresh. As shown in the screenshot below.

Windows 11’s new emoji aren’t actually 3D but 2D. And Microsoft has indicated on social media that Windows 11 will also get 3D emojis, similar to Microsoft Teams and Skype. But it seems that the default emoji is 2D.

While the new emojis aren’t as catchy as Microsoft has advertised on social media, the new emojis fit the look of Windows 11 better. According to Microsoft’s official explanation, 3D emoji will appear in the applications that support them. That is, users can see these 3D emojis in apps like Microsoft Teams and Skype.


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