Best Apps to Customize Windows 11 Start Menu, Taskbar and Context Menu [Start11, StartAllBack]

Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509 to dev channel, which sends a signal that Microsoft is working on improvement of Start Menu and taskbar. It is a good news for lots of Windows 11 users want to get back the classic start menu or move the taskbar. However, Windows 11 Build 22509 has some improvement on Start Menu and taskbar customization but it still didn’t meet users’ requirements. No worry, there is always a solution for problem. Today, this article will review the best apps to customize Start Menu, Taskbar and context menu for Windows 11. these apps are easy to use and free, including Start11 and StartAllBack which are very popular now.

1 StartAllBack

StartAllBack provides a functional Start Menu, which allows you get back the classic start menu, restore classic context menus and explorer ribbon. It is developed by the same company responsible for StartIsBack which is popular to be used for Windows 10 start menu customization. It seems that after the Windows 11 came out, it has a new name special for Windows 11, named StartAllBack.

Startallback customize start menu and taksbar

Restore start menu for Windows 11

StartAllBack supports restoring the start menu. The start menu can be restored to its previous appearance by opening the “Start Menu-Enable Enhanced Classic Start Menu”. Like other software, there are default, Plain8 and Windows7 appearances in the setting interface. And the options here are also restored.

Customize taskbar for Windows 11

Win11 moved taskbar at center and cancel the previous right-click menu. StartAllBack allows you to restore the classic taskbar by opening the “Taskbar item” and checking the “Enable enhanced classic taskbar”. StartAllBack also can help restore the icon dragging and right-clicking functions. You can even adjust transparency of taskbar, center icons (only program icons are centered, system icons are still left), choose start menu style, and adjust icon spacing and icon size, etc.

Restore explorer ribbon for Windows 11

Win11 adds a newly designed toolbar instead of the explorer ribbon panel. If you really do not like the newly designed toolbar, you can open the “Explorer” tab of StartAllBack and modify the Explorer to Win10 or Win7 style. It is worth mentioning that StartAllBack also provides a brand new “mica effect” for these “old appearances” (Win11’s latest window UI is an upgraded version of the previous Win10 “acrylic” style), so that even if you switch to the old style, Win11 is not particularly obtrusive.

Restore context menu for Windows 11

Win11 adds a folding function to Restore and improve context menus, which moves all third-party software to the secondary menu. Actually, it increases the difficulty of operating. StartAllBack has a built-in context menu recovery function. First enter its main interface, open the “Explorer-Enhanced Resource Manager” tab, and then check the “Classic-style right-click menu”. After finishing, the desktop context menu, program context menu, and file context menu will be restored to the previous style directly. At the same time, it also improves the response speed of the context menu.

2 Start11

Similar to StartAllback, Start11 is a powerful tool to customize start menu and taskbar for Windows 11. Start11 is developed by Stardock company which has released Start8 for Windows 8 and Start10 for Windows 10. therefore, Stardock have rich experience to develop a powerful app to customize Win 11 start menu and taskbar.

start 11 customize start menu and taskbar for Windows 11

Customize Start menu for Windows 11

Start11 provides two start menu styles which are the classic Win7 style and modern Win10 style. This is the continuation of old tradition of Stardock for the previous versions have the same design. There will be a number of small styles under the Win7 style and Win10 style in order to meet different user preferences. Moreover, Start11 also has a lot of details on the design, like increasing the menu program column, small icons usage, adjusting the font size to fit the high score screen, and modifying the background color to meet the individual needs of different users. It even allows you to adjust the overall transparency of the menu to better integrate into the system.

Customize Taskbar for Windows 11

Start11 allows users customize the Win 11 taskbar including the taskbar transparency adjustment through “Blur the wallpaper under the taskbar” and “Adjust taskbar transparency”. In addition, there are functions such as adjusting the background color of the taskbar, modifying the transparency, adding texture, etc., which can also meet the individual needs of different users for the taskbar.

Customize Search bar for Windows 11

Start11 uses its own search engine instead of calling the search module of Windows 11 itself. No matter the speed or accuracy of search results are both better than Win11.

Customize Control Panel for Windows 11

Start11 allows users to call up the system menu at any time (click the icon to pop up the Start11 start menu, hold down the Ctrl key and click the prompt Win11 start menu). You can even specify the corresponding action results when you click the start icon and when you press the Win key. Of course, you can click on the “Windows Menu” at the top to switch to the system menu at any time. In this way, Windows can be well controlled under any environment.

3 RoundedTB

Compared with StartAllback and Start11, RoundedTB supports less customization functions. It is a specialized tool for customizing toolbar margins, rounded corners and segments.

RoundedTB for taskbar customization for Windows 11

Independent Margins

RoundedTB allows you to specify the margin for each side of the taskbar and attach the taskbar to different sides by hiding the rounded corners.

Dynamic Mode

It can automatically adjust the size of taskbar to accommodate the number of icon.

Fill Taskbar

Taskbar will be filled back to the normal appearance when window is maximized.

4 Taskbar11

Taskbar11 is a free app that allows you to move the Taskbar on the top. And it also support the size adjustment of icons on the taskbar. It is a light and simple tool.

Move taskbar on top using Taskbar11

5 Windows 11 Classic Context Menu

Windows 11 Classic Context Menu is a simple app that allows you to restore the classic context menu on Windows 11. just as we mentioned in the review of StartAllBack, the new Window 11 context menu increase the difficulty of operation. With Windows 11 Classic Context Menu, you can restore the context menu. In conclusion, Windows 11 Classic Context Menu lets you quickly switch between the Windows 10 Context Menu and Windows 11 Context menu.

Windows 11 Classic Context Menu

In conclusion, both of Start 11 and Starallback support start menu and taskbar customization. they allow users get back the classic start menu and taskbar like Windows 10 look. if you don’t like Windows 11 new start menu and taskbar, Start 11 and Starallback are the best choice for you to restore start menu and taskbar.



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