Windows 11 Dev Build 22509 Allows You Customize Start menu and Taskbar

On the first day of December, 2021, Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509 to Dev Channel. Like previous update, Windows 11 Build 22509 comes with new features and improvements, especially the Start menu and taskbar customization.

Windows 11 Build 22509
Windows 11 Build 22509

Since the release of Windows 11 21H2 on Oct. 5, 2021, lots of users complained the usability of Windows 11 Start Menu and Taskbar. Indeed, compared with Windows 10, Windows 11’ start menu and taskbar don’t allow users customize more. Fortunately, Microsoft is beginning to improve Windows 11 Start menu and Taskbar from Windows 11 Build 22509. Let’s check what are the improvements.

Improvement for Start Menu Layout

In this new Windows 11 Build 22509, Microsoft allows users to decide “More pins” or “More recommendations” layout on the start menu. In other words, you will not be stuck with three rows of pinned apps and recent documents. You can totally customize the pinned apps and recent documents as you want by increasing the size of area of Start Menu.

Build 22509 Start Menu

Improvement for Taskbar Clocks

Windows 11 Build 22509 allows the time and date show up on the taskbars of the other monitors. Before Build 22509, Windows 11 just show up the time and date on the main monitor, which is one of issues of Windows 11 taskbar. Now, Microsoft already improves the Taskbar Clock display. It seems a step in the right direction to make Windows 11 Taskbar better.

Beside the time and date display, build 22509 brings some fixes for the taskbar, like making the icons on taskbar including Start, Task View, Search, Chat and Widgets icons look normally when system is scaled to 125%.

Improvements for Edge Narrator Experience

Microsoft is always working on improving experience of browsing online by using Edge and Narrator. The new Build 22509 makes editing more easier for the Narrator scan mode can be quickly closed. You can press Ctrl+L keys to jump into address bar and then immediately type anything. Moreover, Microsoft also makes removal easier. The narrator can recognize the character at the cursor position after you remove a character.

Edge narrator in Build 22509

In conclusions, we can feel that Microsoft is always devoting to improve the experience of Windows 11. Of course, the start menu and taskbar improvement in Windows 11 Build 22509 may not meet all users’ requirements. If you want to customize start menu or taskbar on Windows 11, like getting back classic start menu, you are recommended to use third party programs StartAllBack or Start11.


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