TaskbarXI Makes Windows 11 Taskbar Look Like MacOS Dock

Many users are dissatisfied with the new taskbar and start menu in Windows 11. Third-party software that customizes the taskbar and start menu can help users modify the taskbar and start menu in Windows 11. Stardock is one of them, with which you can modify the Windows 11 look to make it be closer to the Windows 7 or Windows 10 look. In addition, another new third-party tool TaskbarXI can also be used to customize the taskbar.

TaskbarXI, as the successor of the popular TaskbarX tool in Windows 10, can help users customize the Windows 11 taskbar. Although it does not yet have a graphical interface, it does work on customizing taskbar.

Main Features of TaskbarXI

TaskbarXI can reduce the taskbar to a compact Dock, just like the Dock on macOS and iPadOS. The taskbar will stretch back to its full size when the window is maximized.

TaskbarXI also supports the features of multiple monitors, individual the DPI scaling, and splitting of the taskbar into left and right panes. However, TaskbarXI cannot move the taskbar to the sides or top of the screen, this function is what most users hope to be able to use.

Currently, TaskbarXI is going to change the taskbar background style and color, as well as a simple graphical interface for updating settings.

If you want to try to customize the windows 11 taskbar with TaskbarXI, you can download the latest version from GitHub. Before using it, you need to use Task Manager to close TaskbarXI and restart Windows Explorer to apply the changes.

Microsoft plans a new version to improve the Windows 11 taskbar and start menu, but it is not yet clear whether the new version includes some customization options developed by TaskbarXI. However, the features of multi-monitor support for the taskbar and a new search box in the start menu will appear in the preview version in July. Before that, if you want to customize taskbar and start menu, you are recommended to try third-party tools such as TaskbarXI, Start11, StartAllBack, etc.


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