5 Best Free Windows 11 Screensaver

Screensavers are easily confused with wallpapers, and there are a few differences between them. The most prominent is the animated nature of the screensaver. Wallpaper is usually a static work of art. This article will explore some free Windows 11 screensavers.

What should you know before using a screensaver?

Windows 11 screensavers come as ZIP files, and the screensavers are extracted before using them. After extraction, the file may be in executable (EXE) or SCR format. Screensavers in EXE format require you to double-click before installation begins, but SCR files require you to right-click and select the install option.

After installation, the new screensaver can be found in the list of Windows screensavers on your PC. Many third-party screensavers will contain options that you can use and tweak. You can find the newly installed screensaver by navigating the Settings app > Personalization > Lock screen > Screensaver.

5 best free Windows 11 screensaver


macOS has a great look, usually because of its ribbons, wallpapers, and screensavers. Mac users may be used to the 2020 Drift screensaver. Now, Windows users can also enjoy the Drift screensaver.

You need to download two separate files for this to work. However, once you install it, you’ll have this great looking screensaver installed in no time.

Windrift windows 11 screensaver


FLipit used to be a widely used screensaver. While the deprecation of Flash affected FLipit’s popularity, the developers have modified and made a version that is perfect for Windows 11 that doesn’t require Flash.

The revised version is called Flipit, and it is very similar to the pre-modified version and also has options for World Times.

FLipit windows 11 screensaver

Wallpaper Engine

The most distinctive thing about screensavers is the animation. And Wallpaper Engine is the proper screensaver for Windows 11

Wallpaper Engine is on Steam and helps to create animated wallpapers on Windows 11 or create different wallpapers through the Steam Workshop.

These wallpapers are animated and play when the PC is idle, as a replacement for a screensaver.

Wallpaper engine windows 11 screensaver


The Plane9 screensaver is very visually appealing. Plane9 Screensaver is a 3D visualization toolkit with over 250 awesome scenes, and this tool helps you combine all of them.

Another great feature is that the scene can switch according to the music playing on the PC. This works great with Spotify, other streaming platforms, or music playing locally on your computer.

Hal 9000

Hal 9000 Screensaver will bring you a cinematic experience across the galaxy on Windows 11. The Hal 9000 screensaver lets you see 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Misanthropic AI on screen.

That’s all about the 5 best free Windows 11 Screensaver, you can choose any one of them to improve your Windows 11 experience.


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