Best Free Online Photo Editing Tools for Windows

Nowadays, anyone can be an influencer on the social platform. Attractive post photos will bring you more followers, views and likes. Therefore, an easy-to-use online photo editing tool with enough effects will be your best choice. While most the tools only provide limited times of editing for free each day and some of them are partially free. Therefore, we would tell you several totally free online photo editors for your choices.


iLoveIMG is an all-in-one tool which includes these functions: compressing a single image file, adjusting the size of a single image file, cropping image files, converting to JPG files, photo editor, adding watermark to pictures, generating fancy and creative picture, rotating pictures, and even converting HTML to picture. And all the features are available for all users without any payment.

iLoveIMG Free Online Photo Editor

The newly developed feature of converting web pages in HTML to JPG or SVG is rather convenient for us, if we want to copy the content of a web page to others, and there will be a size limit when you use the screenshot function. At this time, we can copy and paste the URL link of the web page, and choose the format to convert it into a picture with one click.


As a smart WebP, PNG and JPEG compression, TinyPNG has more than 1 billion WebP, PNG and JPEG images optimized already. This online photo compressing tools can meet the needs for common users daily life and working, and even the website developer. Because it’s the only widely supported format that can store partially transparent images to accelerate the website loading speed.

TinyPNG Image Compress Tool

Although we can use it compress images for free, but if we need to compress over 20 images in bulk, a pro version is needed.

Profile Mic Maker

Do you need to upload an attractive profile image to the social platform? Profile Mic Maker is the right online image maker for you to make an awesome profile picture from any photo. Just upload portrait photos, it can automatically extract the avatar and generate a profile picture. And all the photos will be deleted automatically after being processed to protect privacy.

Free Online Profile Photo Maker


By using the latest artificial intelligence Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Bigjpg is a image enlargement tool to enlarge images without losing quality. 3000x3000px and 10M size image could be uploaded, and the image could be enlarged up to16 times bigger. Multiple images could be enlarged at the same time and there is also an offline enlargement feature that allows the photo editing when you have no network connected.

Bigjpg Free Online Enlarge Tool

Except for the free online version, you can also download it to your Windows 11/10 computer, Mac device and Android apps to your mobile phone. The same account could be synchronized to all your devices.


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