Best Free Windows 11 Themes for Windows 10

If you’re not in the Windows insider preview channel, you may have no chance to upgrade to Windows 11 insider preview. As Microsoft has decided to delay the final release of Windows 11 to later of this year. Cannot Waite to experience the big UI changes of Windows 11 on your current Windows 10 /8/7 system?Please follow our tutorials to get the best free Windows 11 themes Skins, Icons, and Wallpapers by transforming your Windows 10 to look like Windows 11.

Downloading Windows 11 Wallpaper to your Windows 10 system is the first step. Then just right click on it to set as your background wallpaper.

Then we will let you know how to apply Windows 11 themes, skins and icons on Windows 10. Before moving forward, creating a restore point for your computer is highly recommended in case of anything unexpected will happen.

When all the preparations get done, it’s time to install the Windows 11 skin pack for free.

Step 1: Download an open source tool named as SecureUxTheme for free;

Step 2: Download the Windows 10 icon them tool named as niivu’s Windows 11 for Windows 10 theme and you will be required to create a DeviantArt account and log into it;

Step 3: The above two theme and icon packs downloaded just now should be put in the same folder and extract the files.

Step 4: Right click on SecureUxTheme’s file and run it as Administrator to install it. Restart your Windows 11 once the installation completed;

Step 5: Locate and open the folder that you used to store the theme and icon pack in step 3. Then find the Windows 10 themes sub-folder in it.

Step 6: There are two more sub-folders for taskbar sizes, and what you need to do is to choose and copy the size that you prefer and paste to the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes;

Step 7: Launch the SecureUXTheme file as an Administrator again, and you will get a new theme. Select the new theme you added to Windows 10 and click on the ‘Patch and Apply’ button.

Step 8: To totally apply the Windows 11 icon pack, please download 7TSP GUI from DeviantArt. And it will guide you to get the best Windows 11 themes, skins and icons on Windows 10.

Of course, except for the SecureUXtheme could help to make Windows 10 more like Windows 11, there is also an easier way to apply Windows 11 themes, skins and icons on Windows 10. Keep reading to get the easy solutions.

First, download the Windows 11 Skinpack and get the Windows 11 SkinPack.sfx file;

Second, enter the password skinpacks.com to extract the file;

Third, run the installer to install the Windows 11 theme on your windows 10 system;

Fourth, after successfully installing the Windows 11 theme, please go to Settings > Personalization > Themes to locate the Windows 11 theme installed just now and apply it.

Then the Windows 11 wallpapers and themes will be applied and your Windows 10 will look morelike Windows 11. Of course, you can also get a paid version of Windows 11 SkinPack to apply the Windows 11 icons and Taskbar, as well as other useful functions to transform the interface of Windows older version to Windows 11.

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