Best Free Online PNG to ICO Converter for Windows 11

The best free online PNG to ICO image file converter will be introduced one by one in this article. We will compare the best free online PNG to ICO converter for Windows 11 in the following aspects: limitations for free, with Ads or not, image quality, etc. After reading the article, you may find your best choice.

What is ICO image?

ICO is the icon file format of Windows. The icon file can store a single pattern, multi-size, multi-color board icon file. An icon is actually a collection of multiple pictures in different formats, and it also contains a certain transparent area. In all Windows system, including Windows 11/10/8/7, each executable that shows an icon to the user will carry the icon in ICO format, for example on the desktop, in the Start Menu, or in Windows Explorer…

ICO file contains pixel-based images which include 256 x 256 pixels, 24-bit color, and 8-bit transparency. ICO files offer a convenient place to store and scale the images needed to display the icons so that Windows users can associate an image with an application.

Best free online PNG to ICO Converter for Windows 11

ICO format, as a special image format, could be used as the company,webpage, software logo. Then usually you can not directly get the ICO image, instead of a PNG one. Now you can try the best free online PNG to ICO Converter on your Windows 11 system. All the PNG to ICO converters introduced here are fast, free and easy to use.

PNG to ICO ConverterFreeLimitationsSupported FormatsResizeImage Link Support
CONVERTICOYesUp to 50 Images/2MB eachJPG/PNG/SVGNoYes
cloudconvertYesUp to 25 times /dayPNG/JPG/GIF/WEBP/ HEICYesNo
ICOConvertYesUpload up to 20 files /20 MB eachPNG/JPG /BMPYesNo
ConvertioYes100MB maximum file sizeOver 200 formatsYesYes
PNG to ICO ConverterYesMax file size 1GBOver 20 formatsNoNo
Best Free PNG to ICO Converter on Windows 11

What needs your attentions is that, the above best free PNG to ICO converters not only support the the ICO converting, but also include the common converters, such as image converter, video converter, audio converter, document converter, ebook converter ect.


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