Does Windows 11 Have Quick Assist? How To Use It

Yes, Windows 11 has Quick Assist. The Quick Assist in Windows 11 can be used to remotely control a computer to help someone in need fix a computer problem. Without Quick Assist in Windows 11, it would be a pain to teach someone how to do things on a computer.

What is Quick Assist in Windows 11?

Quick Assist has been in the Windows ecosystem since Windows 10. Quick Assist allows a user to remotely control another user’s Windows 11 PC. With a remote connection, it becomes much easier for one user to help another user to fix a computer problem. Quick Assist is very similar, but not identical, to the Windows Remote Assistance tool available in earlier versions of the operating system.

Quick Assist builds on the previous tools with some improvements, including the ability to use the helper keyboard layout and the help session’s pause button.

Next, we’ll show you how to use Quick Assist in Windows 11.

How to Open Quick Assist in Windows 11?

You can use Quick Assist right away without installing Quick Assist in Windows 11. However, Quick Assist is not in the Start menu, you need to open Quick Assist through the search option.

Whether you want to remotely control another computer or be controlled by another computer, you need to firstly click on the “Search” option in the taskbar to find Quick Assist.

Then, click the first option in the search results to open Quick Assist.

Or open the Start menu and find All Applications > Windows Tools > Quick Assist.

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How to Use Quick Assist to Help Someone?

Open Quick Assist and click Assist another person under Give Assistance.

Next, you need to log into your Microsoft account.

A security code will appear on your screen, which will expire in 10 minutes.

Next, share the security code with the person you intend to help. Click Provide Instructions and Quick Assist will provide a short set of instructions that will help the person you intend to help accomplish what they need to do.

Once they enter the security code, the remote connection can be established.

Click the radio button next to your preferred option to choose between viewing their screen or taking full control.

Once the connection is established, the Remote Assistance toolbar will appear at the top of the screen with options to conduct a session, monitor, annotate, view full screen, open the task manager, restart or pause the session, and end the session.

How to Get Help Using Quick Assist?

If you want to get help with Quick Assist, you need to trust the other person before letting them control your computer.

Open Quick Assistant. Enter the security code they shared with you in the text box under “Get Assistance.” Then, click on the option “Share Screen”.

After clicking Allow, the connection will be established. It is very convenient to establish a remote connection between Windows 11 devices through Quick Assist. Especially for those who seek help from a distance, it is easy and precise to solve problems that arise on the computer.


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