Does Intel i5 8250u Support Windows 11?

Yes, Intel i5 8250u processor can run Windows 11. There are 91 of the Intel i5 series processors support Windows 11, including Intel i5 8250u processor. According to the processor list compatible with Windows 11 released by Microsoft, only Intel processors which are at least 8th generation or higher support Windows 11. Therefore, Intel i5 8250u is compatible with Windows 11 and its based computer can upgrade to Windows 11 via Windows upgrade program.

There are 91 processor compatible with Windows 11 among 126 Intel i5 core processors. The other 35 processors does not support Windows 11 in Intel i5 series Core processors. These incompatible processors in the Intel i5 series are:

  • 4th generation i5 processors.
  • 5th generation i5 processors.
  • 6th generation i5 processors.
  • 7th generation i5 processors.

Anyway, your Intel i5 8250u processor based computer need to meet the Windows 11 system requirement even the processor is compatible with Windows 11. The Windows 11 system requirements are: 

  • Processor with a frequency of 1 GHz or higher with at least 2 cores.
  • at least 4 GB RAM.
  • 64 GB internal storage.
  • Hardware firmware that is compatible with UEFI and Safe boot.
  • Trusted Platform Module 2.0

Other Intel i5 8th Generation Processors Support Windows 11

There are 24 Intel i5 8th generation processors are compatible with Windows 11. These 24 processors belong to Intel i5 core 8200 series, 8300 series, 8400 series, 8500 series and 8600 series. They are:

  • i5-8210Y
  • i5-8250U
  • i5-8257U
  • i5-8259U
  • i5-8260U
  • i5-8265U
  • i5-8269U
  • i5-8279U
  • i5-8300H
  • i5-8305G
  • i5-8310Y
  • i5-8350U
  • i5-8365U
  • i5-8365UE
  • i5-8400
  • i5-8400B
  • i5-8400H
  • i5-8400T
  • i5-8500
  • i5-8500B
  • i5-8500T
  • i5-8600
  • i5-8600K
  • i5-8600T

In summary, Intel i5 8250u supports Windows 11. Moreover, this article list Intel i5 8th generation processors that are compatible with Windows 11.


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