Windows 11 KB5012592 (OS Build 22000.613) Released

Microsoft released the April’s update for Windows 11 as the KB5012592 (OS Build 22000.613) . The highlights of this update mainly contain: improvements on voice dictation tool and the shortcut to minimize windows to taskbar, as well as the security update.

Some security issues have been updated which were included in KB5011563 in this security update. If you have already installed KB5011563 on your device, you can only fix those security issues by updating to KB5012592.

Except for the above improvements, Microsoft also rolls out the follow new features and enhancements:

Toast notification display

If you enabled the notification for call or alarms in Windows 11, now it will show you four toast notifications at a time, and three of them will be shown as high priority and one being normal.

Fix focus issues with OneDrive

In the previous version, when you’re browsing files in OneDrive, it might lose focus, which frequently occurred after renaming the file and pressing the Enterkey. That means you have to re-select or type again to use it. Now it has been fixed in KB5012592.

Widgets appears in Search

Now if you enter Widgets in the Search app, it will be shown to you.

New Windows 11 Tips in KB5011563

The new shortcut tips are much efficient for quick use.

  • Win + H – Quickly to launch the speech recognition tool to switch your voice into text;
  • Win + D – Quickly minimize all the running apps to the taskbar and show your desktop; press again to show your tasks again.

All above are the updates and improvements in Windows 11 KB5012592. For more security updates, you can check April 2022 Security Updates.


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