Windows 12 Lite: 3X faster than Windows 10

It hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft that whether Windows 12 will be released neither when Windows 12 will be released. While about 2 years ago, the Windows 12 lite has been appeared on the market.

Windows 12 Lite: 3X faster than Windows 10

It has been almost seven years since Windows 10 was launched. Although it has been a while, judging from Microsoft’s recent actions, it is no surprise that Windows 10 and Windows 11 should survive for a long time. However, someone on Reddit shared the news of the Windows 12 Lite installation CD. The interface is 99% similar to Windows 10, and it is advertised as three times faster than win 10, and there is no need to worry about virus infection.

This Windows 12 Lite is actually designed based on the Linux Lite system, but the main screen completely follows Windows 10. People who don’t know it will definitely think it is a new system launched by Microsoft.

Basic information about Windows 12 Lite

Publication date: 2020-08-17

Usage: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Topics: Operating System, Win12, Linux Lite Themed

Language: English

Description: A Custom iso of Linux Lite Theme Toward Win10

The release of Windows 12 might be on the way. You may don’t need to install this Windows 12 Lite on your device. If you would like to know all the new features of Windows system,you’d first install Windows 11.


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