Windows 11 Widgets not Working or Showing Up

As we all known, windows 11 adds a new widget feature. Windows 11 users can add, remove or customize widgets in Windows 11. The Windows 11 new widgets make windows users easily access to the information they want to know, such as sport events, weather, traffic, calendar, and so on. Windows 11 new widget is a good feature to enhance your Windows 11 experience. But sometimes, you may encounter Widget troubles, such as it is not working or showing up in Windows 11.

How to fix Windows 11 widget not working or showing up?

You may face the problem like widget not working in Windows 11. The first thing you need to do is make sure you already turn on that option.

Right click taskbar and go to taskbar settings, it will open windows personalization settings.

Turn On Windows Widget

Now you can see some options in the window, you just need to turn on the Widget if it is not on. If it is on, just turn it off and then turn it on again. Maybe this will make widgets start working.

Ensure Turning on Windows Widgets

The next thing you need to do is login to your Microsoft account.

Windows Widgets Working

What if it is not working for you after you log in with your account? Just press ctrl shift plus escape key and then the task manager will open. Right click on Windows Explorer to Restart. After this, widget may be working now.

Restart Windows Explorer

If widget is still not working or showing up after following above steps, you need to open task manager by press ctrl shift plus escape key again. And then find out Windows Widget and right click on it to end task. After that, it will automatically restart.

End Windows Widget

After doing above steps, we are sure you can fix the problem your widget not working or showing up. And if you want to add, remove or customize your Windows 11 widgets, click here.


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