Windows 11 Tweaker: ThisIsWin11 Customizes Windows 11 Look

A developer, builtbybel released a new project named ThisIsWin11 on GitHub. ThisIsWin11 helps Windows 11 users know, set up and customize Windows 11, especially it can help users customize Windows 11 look quickly and easily. It is similar to a store that supports user customization. The developer called ThisIsWin11 as the real PowerToys on the Windows 11. This article will introduce you how to customize Windows 11 look using ThisIsWin11 and how to get ThisIsWin11 on your system.

ThisIsWin11 Customizes Windows 11

Firstly, with ThisIsWin11, users can easily uninstall some of the pre-installed applications that come with Windows. For some users, there are lots of unnecessary apps which are pre-installed by Microsoft to extend the functions of its own operating systems.

Secondly, the tool can also adjust various other settings of the Windows 11 operating system. But it is recommended to back up and delete the existing ‘Packages’ folder before implementing changes so as to avoid conflicts in the duplicate files.

This folder contains the user configuration files of the installed Windows applications. You can find them in the C:/Users/%username%/AppData/Local/Packages path. These settings are normally hidden, so you need to cancel their hidden attributes before operating.

In order to help users to customize their Windows 11, there are six modules in ThisIsWin11.

  • Presenter: this module guides the user to have a quick look through the setting items of the new system, and allows to quickly complete the set up.
  • OpenTweaks: this module allows to check and optimize the system settings and supports to undo all changes.
  • PumpedApp: this module helps users to uninstall apps pre-installed on Windows 11.
  • Packages: this module helps to quickly install one or other applications on Windows 11.
  • PowerUI: this module can call PowerShell and community scripts on demand to automatically execute multiple tasks.
  • Extensions: this module allows users customizes tweaks.

ThisIsWin11 Latest Version

The latest version of ThisIsWin11 is released in DEC. 2021, it comes with a new design. You can get the download link below:

Download the latest version of ThisIsWin11

Except for the new design of ThisIsWin11 new version, ThisIsWin11 adds a guide interface to help users to modify Windows 11 settings easily.

Issues fixed in this new version:

  • Add OOBE Profile to OpenTweak module, which can be imported by clicking on the import button at the right top corner.
  • Add option to the system category of OpenTweak to enable Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform.
  • Improve the uninstallation of Widgets.
  • Fix the error causing the disappearing of refresh button in PumpedApp module.
  • Update the UI of OpenTweaks and PowerUI modules.
  • Add extension to enable Windows 10x Boot Animation.


This new version of ThisIsWin11 makes the Windows 11 customization easier. The new wizard-like design can help users without any experience of Windows 11 easily know, set up and customize Windows 11. It is an useful tool to help users know Windows quickly.


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