Windows 11 Supports Android App in Five More Countries

Android apps are available on Windows 11 as early as October 2021. But since October last year, Android apps on Windows 11 have been available in the US. Microsoft has announced that it will expand the program to five more countries.

Windows 11 users in France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK will be able to use the Android app. Users in these five countries are expected to be able to use Android apps on Windows 11 by the end of this year.

The Amazon Appstore preview will continue to grow every month. In the first quarter of calendar year 2022, the number of new desktop applications and games on the storefront increased by 50% compared to the same period last year.

Microsoft also announced new ways to increase app discoverability in Windows 11. Windows Search will display search results from the Microsoft Store, and users can install apps directly from the search results.

Microsoft is actively testing the ability to restore apps across Windows devices so that users can transition seamlessly between devices. Developers can take advantage of pop-up stores and app badges to highlight their apps.

Also, the waitlist for publishing Win32 apps to the storefront no longer exists. Any developer can now publish their Win32 packages to the Microsoft Store and take advantage of new features such as automated commits via CI/CD GitHub Actions or Rest API pipelines, testing application visibility, viewing application telemetry, and responding directly to user comments.

Finally, progressive web app (PWA) developers can take advantage of the following features:


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