Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 Will Launch in Summer

Windows 11 will launch a new update and some improvements in July 2022. The version is called Sun Valley 2, similar to the anniversary update of Windows 10.

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 or version 22H2 contains some important improvements, which make the system faster, smoother, more modern, and the WinUI more tightly integrated with the rest of the operating system. And the new Windows operating dark mode may appear in this version.

The major improvement will be the support for the taskbar dragging and dropping. As we all know, the current taskbar may be the worst change in Microsoft 11, lacking many key features, such as dragging, dropping and right-click.

Moreover, the taskbar is currently locked at the bottom of the screen, and cannot be moved to the other side of the screen, which makes users feel inconvenient. Fortunately, Microsoft is trying to improve it.

Microsoft will launch Windows 11 22H2 this summer, which will support taskbar dragging and dropping. This feature may be seen in the upcoming preview version of Dev Channel.

Changes in Windows 11 Sun Valley 2

Start menu improvements

In Windows 11 22H2, except for the taskbar improvement, Microsoft also plans to modify the start menu to allow users to pin more applications or recommendations to the start menu.

Control panel improvements

Important improvements have been made to the Windows subsystem for Android and the feature to manage snapshot groups. Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 is going to improve many pages of the Windows 11 settings application and the way the operating system handles the control panel pages for advanced users.

Support third-party widgets

Windows 11 currently supports integrated widgets, such as Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft Weather, News, and interest news feeds. These widgets are already in Windows 10.

In 22H2 Sun Valley 2, a series of third-party widgets are available for Windows 11. In theory, third-party widget support will be provided through a new API, which will be included in the new operating system update, and some companies are already developing their own widgets.


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