Windows 11 Performance Will not Be Affected by Mica

Mica, a dynamic material introduced in Windows 11, ensures Microsoft a significant improvement in the UI design – Fluent Design.

Windows 11 Mica

Many first birds who have run into the new Windows System will worry about whether there are some negative effects on the system performance.

Microsoft introduced that it differs from the Acrylic material and will allow a better performance and user experience for the whole system. So you can take it easy to enjoy the new system.

It is recently by Windowslastes that Microsoft has stated:” Performance is really our top priority for us and we want to ensure that all these fun new functionalities (Mica and rounded corners) are super-fast and don’t impact the OS. For example, Mica was specifically designed for higher performance when compared to things like acrylic.”

Windows 11 supports both light and dark mode, and allows application developers some customizations to delight users and create visual hierarchy, aiding productivity, by increasing clarity about which window is in focus.

Light Mode of Windows 11 Mica
Windows 11 Dard Mode


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