Windows 11 Microsoft Defender: Web-based Windows Defender is Coming Soon

Microsoft has been working on the Microsoft Defender client so that it can be used cross-platform on Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS. The revamped version of Microsoft Defender based on WebView will help users better protect against viruses, malware scanning, phishing, password leakage and more.

The official description for Microsoft Defender or Windows Defender says it’s a security app that gives you peace of mind. Microsoft says the new Windows Defender comes with a brand new dashboard that allows users to view the security status of Windows devices and other connected devices.

Microsoft released an early preview of Windows Defender ahead of schedule, and it will likely be updated to the Windows Insider program in the coming weeks.

Currently Windows Defender Preview only supports logging in with a personal Microsoft account. Windows Defender Preview is only available in the US and most features are still live, so they are not available. The Microsoft Defender preview is codenamed Gibraltar.

We speculate that this Microsoft Defender will not replace the existing Microsoft Defender solution in Windows. Unlike the existing Defender client, this new Microsoft Defender only protects against basic security threats, acting more as a dashboard than a malware removal tool.

The preview version of Microsoft Defender allows users to log in with any personal Microsoft account, so accounts owned by family members can be added to Microsoft Defender to connect all devices. To add all family members, you need to use a QR code and users need to install the mobile or desktop app.

When the connected device is running Windows, Microsoft Defender has more comprehensive features to protect the device. For the rest of the devices that are not running, users can also monitor whether there are password leakage, malware attacks, privacy theft and other issues through Microsoft Defender. There is currently no official release date for Microsoft Defender Preview, but it will be updated to Windows 10 and Windows 11 Insider Preview in a few weeks or months.


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