Windows 11 Lite Version -Tiny11 will release more space to your device

We still remember that Windows 95 takes up less than 100MB for its installation. However, Windows 11 takes up about 20GB of disk space, and it has more higher system requirements for your hardware. It is no doubt that Microsoft will need more and more data with technology development, but we still can not imagine the size of Windows system has been increased by 20,000% in the past 28 years. Then a developer has released a version to that cut the space requirements of Windows 11 to half of its default size.

It is Tiny11 released by NTDEV. As a stripped-down version of Windows 11, it only requires around 8GB of hard drive and can run on 2GB of RAM.  The Tiny11 ISO is only 3GB, while Microsoft’s official ISO download is 5.1GB.

The lite version of Microsoft’s latest operating system includes the most basic necessities, such as accessibility software, calculator, notepad and paint. It also maintains the Microsoft Store, so users can install whatever software they need. The system comes with local accounts by default, but online accounts can also be used.

Is Tiny11 safe to run?

Although Tiny11 reduces the system requirements, users are still wondering is it safe to run Tiny 11. NTDEV reassures users’ this concern about the security risks of customizing their Windows builds that Tiny 11. The developers’ twitter mentioned that:While I can understand that installing modified versions of Windows can pose a security risk, I can assure you (and you can obviously check for yourself) that the image doesn’t have anything from external sources added to it.

The main goal of Tiny11 is to expand the range of systems that can access Windows 11. The customized version can run on any system running Windows 10 and can be dual-booted with this operating system. We believe it is safe to run Tiny11.


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