Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 Released

Microsoft released the Windows 11 insider preview build 22523 to Dev channel, which includes the improvements of Settings and bug fixes. In addition, Microsoft also released the Windows 11 insider preview build 22523 official ISO image download. Microsoft said that build 22523 will be provided on ARM64 computers. This will be the last update during the holidays 2021! let’s check the improvements and new in Windows 11 Build 22523.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523
Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523

Windows 11 Build 22523 changes and improvements:

  • Add a snapshot group in the ALT + TAB and task view which can be found when you hover over the open application on the taskbar.
  • When the file explorer is connected to this machine, the options of adding media server (if appropriate) and deleting media server are available after clicking “…” in the command bar.
  • More control panel settings will be led to the Settings:

-Programs and Features is moved to uninstall or change the program page

-Uninstall Updates is moved from the control panel to a new page in Settings.

Windows 11 Build 22523 bug fixes:


– Fixed text input initialization issue that may cause shells (Start menu and search) not responding on ARM64 PCs.

– The battery icon tooltip will not accidentally display higher than 100% any more.

– The application icons will not overlap with the date and time on the secondary display when a large number of applications are opening.

File Explorer:

– Fix keyboard focus losing after pressing the Enter when using F2 to rename a OneDrive file.

Spotlight Collection:

-Allow you access to your first picture faster with launching Spotlight collection.

-Add icons for the context menu items of the Spotlight collection.


Improve the reliability of calling voice input.

– Fixed the issue that the borders of Microsoft’s text input (voice input, emoji panel, etc.) can’t  be drawn correctly when the comparison theme are enabled.

– Fix pen menu process crash.


– Fix the issue that the links can’t open normally when opening the widget panel by hovering.


– Fix the issue the setting content will be truncated on one side of the window when making the setting window smaller.

– Fix the issue Settings crash when opening the combo box.

– Fix the crash of option for add device in Bluetooth and devices when connecting to a new Bluetooth device.

– Add some keywords to make the voice access control displayed in the settings search results.


– Fixed an error checking issue that an ARM64 computer installed with the previous version has a reference memory management error.

– Fixed the DWM crash (screen flicker) when using certain applications.

– Fix some applications hang up when running Narrator.

– Add missing information when checking the details in the properties of narratorquickstart.exe.

– Fix Narrator not responding to UIA, including notifications, real-time areas, or text events.


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