Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610 Released

On Apr. 29, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610. This version is available to the Beta and Dev channel only. In this update, new group policy options and a long list of fixes are included. The dynamic content is also added for the Widgets panel back with Build 22563 announced before.

According to the Microsoft official highlights of Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610, there are some newly added features, bug fixes and improvements. We will mainly introduce you the improvements in this version which will have influence on common users.

What’s New in Insider Preview 22610?

Family Safety Widget Update

In the Family Safety app, there is a a new location sharing view that shows where your family members and also a new feature with the screen using time displaying across device and platform.

Family Safety Widget Update in Insider Preview 22610

Disabled the Tablet-optimized Taskbar Feature

Tablet-optimized taskbar feature was firstly announced in the Windows Insiders in Build 22563. As some users’ feedback of inconvenience, Microsoft decided to disable this feature in this new Insider Preview 22610, while we can still expect to experience this feature in the feature version after enhancement.

More Dynamic Content in Widgets 

As mentioned in Microsoft update blog, the changes in Widgets that bring more dynamic content to your Widgets board announced with Build 22563 is rolling out to more Windows Insiders in the Dev and Beta Channels.

Battery Icon Redesign on Lock Screen

Microsoft updated the design of the battery icon on the Lock screen to be consistent with the one in the taskbar. The estimated battery life timing in the tooltip for the battery icon in the system tray with the most recent Insider Preview builds will be available.

Task Manager Color Update

The color will be shown based on your accent color in the Processes page.

File Explorer Icon Changed

The rename, properties, and optimize icons used in the context menu and command bar have been updated to help with discoverability and consistency.

Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610 Released

Except for the general update mentioned above, there are still other improvements which could be checked at Microsoft blog. And below are the TL;DR:

TL;DR in Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610

– This build introduces some new group policies for IT administrators and an update to the Family Safety Widget.
– This build also includes another good set of fixes that will improve your overall experience.
– This build includes two new known issues that will impact Windows Insiders – please read the known issues list below. We have marked the new known issues as [NEW]. One of these known issues impacts the hidden icons flyout in the system tray.
– [UPDATE] There will be no matching SDK published for this build.


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