Windows 11 First Big Update KB5010414 Released

After several months testing and improvements, Microsoft finally released its first big updates of Microsoft Windows 11 KB5010414. Most of the new features have been already introduced to the Insider program for testing and feedback.

Now, more users who have been expecting Win 11 would have a better experience on it and Windows 11 worth your installation.

In this big update, Windows 11 KB5010414 has introduced the new features including but not limited to: Taskbar, Android Apps, Notepad, Weather Widget…

Windows 11 First Big Update

KB5010414 Makes Android Apps Available

There is no doubt that Android Apps Available on Windows 11 KB5010414 is one of the biggest and most expected new features. Although Microsoft has mentioned that several months ago but only 50 Apps are available at the very beginning. Today, users in United States in the preview version will have the choice to install up to 1,000 Android apps from Amazon Store, or install unlimited apps through sideload Android APK files.

New Change in Taskbar

This is another big improvement on Windows 11 for efficiency that users can mute or un-mute the microphone easily from the system Tray even you are in a Teams meeting. What’s more, Windows 11 also has made it easier to share screen during the Teams meeting from the Taskbar. Another update related to Taskbar is that the Weather Widget comes back.

Updates on Notepad and Media Player

This feature has also been introduced in previous Insider program. The dark mode, round corner design, etc have been released.

Other important updates in Windows KB5010414: Clock shown on external screen, other little updates.

In conclusion, is Windows 11 worrying update? Different people have different opinions. We can still wait for the Sun Valley 2 to release in the next half of this year.


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