Windows 11 Build 25276 Released: New Task Manager Feature

Windows 11 Build 25276 is now available in the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program. This is the second preview update this year. It brings new features such as the ability to create live kernel memory dumps in Task Manager and improvements to OneDrive cloud storage in Windows 11 Settings.

Build 25276 is not tied to any particular Moment or feature update, as Microsoft calls those updates “standalone.” Microsoft has also released an ISO image of Windows 11 Build 25276 that can be used to directly update any Windows 10, 11, or even Windows 7 PC to this build.

It’s worth noting that Build 25276 isn’t a big release, nor does it bring a ton of new features, but you’ll notice a couple of notable changes. Creating live kernel memory dumps in Task Manager is one of the new “developer-focused” features, and more such changes are coming.

Microsoft says the feature helps with the operating system’s existing Live Kernel Dump (LKD) feature. This feature is an extension to a troubleshooting feature called “memory dumping” for user-mode processes. For those who don’t know, this feature is useful because it helps you gather data to rule out anomalies.

For example, you can use it to find out what went wrong when Windows won’t start, or how a specific driver is preventing a specific function on your system. To use this tool, just open the Task Manager > Details page and right-click on the system process, there is a new option called “Create Live Kernel Memory Dump File”.

When you click on that option, it will capture a full live kernel or kernel stack memory dump. You can find dumps in the LiveKernelDumps folder.

Settings for Live Kernel Memory Dump can also be edited by navigating to the Task Manager settings page.

Windows 11 Build 25276 New Features

In November, Microsoft began integrating OneDrive cloud storage usage into the Settings app. You can already check for updates to Microsoft 365 Apps and services.

Microsoft has now introduced a new feature that allows you to view Outlook attachment data in cloud storage. Other cosmetic improvements include a new design for Windows’ Compatibility Dialog feature.

Microsoft is rolling out a new look for the popup/alert that Windows displays when it detects a known compatibility issue. This dialog now uses Windows 11’s Fluent design.

Windows 11 Build 25276 Improvements:

Microsoft has fixed an issue where File Explorer or explorer.exe would crash when opening File Explorer.
Microsoft fixed an issue with the layout of the search box text on the taskbar.
Microsoft has resolved an issue where search styles would not persist across updates.
Microsoft has fixed an issue where the widgets panel would not open or be invisible to Insiders.
Microsoft has enabled Windows Defender Credential Guard when you try to use Remote Desktop with default credentials.
In a related update, Microsoft said it is introducing a new method to resolve connection issues in Windows.

The company is replacing the network troubleshooter in the operating system with a “Get Help App”-based experience that uses APIs to identify network problems and provide potential fixes, such as adapter resets.

How to Install Windows 11 Build 25276?

  • Sign up for the Windows Insider Program.
  • Open the Settings page.
  • Switch to the development channel.
  • Click “Check for Updates”.
  • Select Download and Install.
  • Click “Restart Now”.

Microsoft is aware of some new issues with the update, including an annoying bug where users were experiencing updates taking longer than expected when installing versions.


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