Windows 11 Build 25174 Brings New Game Pass Widget

Microsoft today released Windows 11 Preview Build 25174 to the Dev Channel. With this release, Microsoft began previewing new Game Pass widgets. As always, this release also includes a nice set of fixes. Microsoft has also added some new known issues based on feedback.

Game Pass Widget

PC Game Pass and Windows are a great combination for gaming; with PC Game Pass, you can access hundreds of high-quality games for PC. For the past few months, Microsoft Windows has been working with the Xbox team to make Windows and PC Game Pass a better combination; today, Microsoft announced some new games and widget experiences: Game Pass Widget Preview.

This widget is a window into the extensive PC Game Pass library that will display newly added games, upcoming games, and other games in the highlighted category, then take users to the Xbox app where they can install them, view Comment and go to play.

Microsoft is still working on some upcoming new features that will allow users to log into their Xbox profile and easily go back to recently played games and see personalized game recommendations.

Game Pass widget previews are available in the widget panel along with other widgets that bring users closer to weather, sports, and other great content. Display the widget panel by clicking on the top left corner of the taskbar or pressing Win + W. To pin a Game Pass widget, select the “+” button in the upper right corner of the widget panel.

  • Open the widget panel.
  • Click the + icon next to the user profile.
  • Click the + icon next to Game Pass
  • Close the widget settings window.
  • The Game Pass widget should now appear on the widget panel.

Windows 11 Build 25174 fixes the following issues:

An issue where File Explorer could crash when you try to open multiple instances of explorer.exe.

Clicking on a folder in the navigation pane opens that folder in a new tab instead of the current tab’s issue.

Dark mode issue with File Explorer where some areas would render in light mode.

Fixed bug where left/right arrows didn’t have enough contrast to show if they were enabled.

Windows 11 Build 25174 improvements:

  • Fixed a bug that caused file explorer UI issues in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a bug where taskbar icons were rendered unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Settings app crashed when the user went to System > Storage > Disks and Volumes.
  • Fixed a bug where Memory Integrity in Windows Security could display a compatibility driver warning.

Steps to Install Windows 11 Build 25174

  • Sign up for the Windows Insider Program.
  • Open the settings page.
  • Switch to the dev channel.
  • Windows 11 Build 25174 Update
  • Click Check for Updates, and then select Download and Install.
  • Click “Restart Now”.


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