Windows 11 Build 25136 (23H2) Brings Tabs to File Explorer

Users in the Dev Channel can now use the new File Explorer in Windows 11 Build 25136 with tabs and other features. Although Microsoft states that Build 25136 is not tied to a specific version, it is still unlikely that the feature will be available in the production channel, as Windows 11 22H2 has already been released to manufacturers/OEMs (RTM).

A major improvement in Windows 11 Build 25136 is support for the much-anticipated tabs in File Explorer.

One of the most requested features, “tabs”, was missing from Explorer before this. And Windows 11 Build 25136 finally brings tabs and a redesigned sidebar to File Explorer on Windows 11.

The tabs feature won’t be available to all users right away, and it’s trying again to enable tabs in Explorer as Microsoft wants to test it out with a small group of users first.

Microsoft experimented with enabling tabs in File Explorer back in 2017, which was supposed to add tabs to all Windows 10 apps — including Settings, Control Panel, File Explorer, and more. Microsoft eventually scrapped the project, though it has now started to enable tabs again for File Explorer by redesigning its sidebar and adding tabs to the title bar.

What’s New in Windows 11 Build 25136

Windows 11 Build 25136 introduces a new sidebar for File Explorer. As shown below:

Windows 11 Build 25136 rearranged the left side of File Explorer to allow users to easily navigate to important folders. If you link cloud storage to Windows 11, the new Explorer can access pinned and common folders, such as your OneDrive profile.

In addition to this, there are some changes to the Navigation Pane. For example, the Windows folder in the navigation will no longer appear under This PC.

When you access OneDrive synced files, the address bar can display the path in the address, helping users determine whether a folder is available in the cloud or locally.

Windows 11 Build 25136 also brings dynamic widget updates to the taskbar. While the Windows 11 taskbar is static, it can display weather updates through the widgets board.

Users can view weather updates on the taskbar and live updates from the sports and finance widgets. Microsoft pushes breaking news alerts directly to the taskbar.

How to Get Windows 11 Build 25136?

Follow the steps below to install Windows 11 Build 25136:

  • Sign up for the Windows Insider Program.
  • Open the Settings page.
  • Select the Dev channel.
  • Click “Check for Updates” and select “Download and Install”.
  • Click “Restart Now”.


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