Windows 11 Build 22557: Faster and More Accurate Search

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557 has been released to the Dev Channel for several days. Among all the updated features, the Search is one of the improvements tested as efficient.

Starting from Windows 10, Microsoft has provide users the quick access to search from the Taskbar directly to make users’ daily work more efficient. While there are still many users not satisfied with the searching experience of slow speed and not so accurate results, because the search feature in the Taskbar is not like searching via File Explorer. Even though there is also a search box on Windows 11 aiming at to let the search look easier, users usually wait a while to get the results. Therefore, many third-party search tools come out to better serve Windows 10 even Windows 11 users to improve the efficiency, such as Everything, Listary, grepWin, etc.

The good news is that, in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557, Microsoft said:”Searching for apps and settings in the Windows search box on the taskbar is now even faster and more accurate than before. Try searching for your favorite app or a setting you use frequently to see faster results.” Now, after 3 day-test from our end, we can prove that Windows 11 has really speed up the search, compared to the older Insider versions.

Another improvements on Windows 11 Search is that Microsoft has also fixed the problem that users can not search for an app in the first few seconds after it had been installed.

As this update is only available for the Insider Preview, it will take some time to publish to all Windows 11 users since it needs time to test for its stability.

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