Windows 11 Build 22543 Released: UI Improvements And New Natural Voice

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22543 is now released to the Dev Channel. In Build 22543, Microsoft has improved Voice, adding two new voice narrations for “Jenny” and “Aria”, as well as more visual tweaks, including pop-up of media controls on the lock screen and muting of the microphone. Moreover, Build 22543 includes more fixes.

Build 22543 new features: More natural Voice

Microsoft has introduced a more natural voice for Narrator. The more natural sound enables Narrator users to enjoy browsing the web, reading, and composing emails. Natural Narrator speech uses text-to-speech on modern devices and is supported without an internet connection after download. Natural Narrator Voice Support English – US

Start of new natural voice in build 22543

Narrator will announce more natural voices, “Jenny” and “Aria” at its first release.

Windows 11 Build 22543 Released new natrual voice

Narrator will let you know at startup that new natural sounds can be installed.

Select “Install Now” in the announcement window to go to Narrator Settings to add new voices. From there you can select the “Add” button under the “Add Natural Sounds” section. This dialog allows you to choose a “Jenny” or “Aria” sound. Both two sounds can be installed, but they must be installed separately. You can click “Preview” to audition the voice, and you can select “Install” to start downloading the selected voice.

Windows 11 Build 22543 Released install natrual voice

The Select Natural Sounds to Install dialog displays a list of Natural Sounds preview, install, and cancel buttons.

New Narrator keyboard commands in build 22543

Moreover, you can easily switch between Narrator users and voices so as to better support tasks like reading and navigating. Newly added Narrator key commands include:

  • Narrator + Alt + Minus key – Moves to the previous voice in the Narrator voice settings combo box.
  • Narrator + Alt + Plus key – Moves to the next voice in the Narrator voice settings combo box.

Updated keyboard commands include:

  • Narrator + Alt + Left Bracket – Move to previous punctuation reading mode.
  • Narrator + Alt + Right Bracket – Move to the next punctuation reading mode.

Now you can try the new natural voice in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22543 in Dev Channel. we trust it will bring your the brand-new experience.


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