Windows 11 Build 22526: Better Support for Apple AirPods & More File Locations to Search Index

Microsoft released the first Windows 11 Insider Preview in 2022, Windows 11 Build 22526 in the Dev channel. The changes and improvements of Windows 11 Build 22526 are as follows:

  • Windows 11 Build 22526 displays ALT + TAB as a window, no longer the full screen.
  • Windows 11 Build 22526 supports wideband voice and improves the audio quality of voice calls when using Apple AirPods products, including AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max.
  • From Build 22518, Credential Guard is enabled by default on Windows 11 Enterprise (E3 and E5) licensed PCs that join the enterprise.
  • Windows 11 Build 22526 attempts to index more file locations so that you can use search in File Explorer to find important files faster.

ALT + TAB being windowed instead of full screen is undoubtedly a huge visual behavior change. However, it only applies to users who join the Dev channel to try the features. The other changes, such as broadband voice for AirPods, are available to all Windows 11 users.

Like the previous version, Windows 11 Build 22526 has made some fixes and some known issues:

Windows 11 build 22526 fixes

  • File Manager
  • Fix the problem that the file manager does not work: If you use the search function in the file explorer, explorer.exe crashes, and it will not work the next time you search in the file explorer.


  • Fix the search problem: the search pop-up window is stuck on the screen (except for the border, it is displayed as transparent).
  • Fix the display problem of search results: When the display zoom is set to greater than 100%,  the resolution of the application icons displayed in the search results is improved.

Spotlight Collection

When using the spotlight collection, the current image should be migrated when upgrading (Build 22523 or higher).


  • Fix the issue that the widget panel resolution is not displayed correctly when users hover the mouse over the entry point on the auxiliary monitor.
  • Fixed the issue that the widget panel is blank only with Add Widget button displayed.


  • Fixed the error checking that KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED remote desktop users shut down or restart their computers.
  • Fixed the error code 0x80073CFB message in Microsoft Store to remind you to install the latest Web Media Extension update.
  • Resolved DWM crash.

Windows 11 build 22526 known issues

As always, you can register your PC to the Dev channel by going to the Windows Insider Preview settings in the “Settings” app and clicking “Get Started”. After entering, you can get the new version by checking for updates in Windows Update.


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