Windows 11 ARM Runs Amazingly Fast in UTM Virtual Machine on Apple Mac M1

Most users are running Windows 11 on the Apple M1 through Parallels. However, some users have recently tried to run Windows 11 on a UTM virtual machine on an Apple Mac M1. They found that Windows 11 ARM runs amazingly fast in a UTM virtual machine on an Apple Mac M1. This article will explain how to install and run Windows 11 in a UTM virtual machine on an Apple Mac M1.

Windows 11 Requirements:
Architecture: ARM64
Disk: 20 GiB
Display: VGA
SPICE Tools: Installed

Download Preparation
UTM for Mac
Windows for ARM
SPICE Guest Tools

Instructions to Install Windows 11 ARM on Apple Mac M1 using UTM

  • Open the VM creation wizard by launching UTM and click the “+” button.
  • Select “Virtualization”.
  • Select “Window”.
  • Click Browse and select the downloaded Windows VHDX. Click Next button.
  • Select the amount of RAM and CPU cores to grant access to the VM. Click Next button.
  • If there is a directory to be mounted on the VM, you can select it here. You can also skip this step and select the directory in the toolbar of the VM window later on. After installing the SPICE tools, the shared directory will be available (see below). Click Next button.
  • Click Save to create the virtual machine, then click the Run button to start the virtual machine.
  • Follow the Windows installer. If you have problems with your mouse, you can send mouse input directly through the mouse capture button in the toolbar. Press Control+Option simultaneously to exit mouse capture mode. However, sometimes due to driver issues, you can enter and exit capture mode and the mouse cursor works normally again.
  • Complete the installation and log in to continue installing the guest tools. Once the ISO is mounted in the D: drive, open Windows Explorer and browse to D:. Run spice-guest-tools-xxx.exe it should install all drivers as well as the QEMU agent, SPICE agent (for copy/paste and dynamic resolution) and shared directories.


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