Windows 11 Allows You Easily Copy File or Folder’s Path in File Explorer

It’s common for users to copy the file or folder path in the Windows system. In some causes, users need to copy the path and paste it to the command line when using the command line. Windows 10 users can use shortcut of holding on Shift and right-click the file or folder to see the Copy as Path option in the right-click menu, and then click it copy the path. And for Windows 11, copy path will become easier.

Windows 11 users do not need to hold on Shift. The pop-up context menu includes the option of copy as path by default. Therefor, you can directly paste the file or folder patch to the clipboard after clicking on the option Copy as path without operating on the address bar.

According to Microsoft, the Windows 11 file manager will have further improvements in the future to make copy path easier by using keyboard shortcut. In the preview version of Windows 11, you can copy the path of the selected file or folder by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C at the same time.

This shortcut of copying path is the same as copying path to the Windows clipboard. If you use the cloud clipboard function of Windows, the path will be synchronized to other devices, like Android.

You should know that this way to copy path will include quotation marks. If you want to directly enter the file or folder when pasting the path in the Explorer, you need to remove the quotation marks before pressing the Enter key.

Although the context menu of Windows 11 has streamlined functions but it brings new problems, such as slow, lagging, etc. And these problems are especially obvious on low-end computers.

No worry, Microsoft always try to improve the performance of the context menu by improving the file manager.

How to copy file or folder’s path in Windows 11 file explorer?

You can copy a path via context menu or keyboard shortcuts.

Copy path of a file via context menu

  • Navigate to the directory or file where you want to copy the path.
  • Right click on it and choose copy as path to copy to clipboard.

copy path of a file via shortcuts

  • Locate and select files or folders.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+C at the same time to copy the path to the clipboard.

Please note that although the former is available in the product version, the latter still exists in the development channel and may enter a stable version in the future.


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