Window 11: Windows HDR Calibration App Will Soon Be Coming

The Xbox HDR game calibration software in the Xbox helps the screen and game better match when calibrating for high dynamic range (HDR). But there is no such application in Windows, so you can lose important visual elements due to HDR mismatch, especially in light and dark areas of the screen.

The good news is that Windows will have its own HDR calibration application to fix issues with color stability and accuracy on PC displays, according to Microsoft. Whether it will be available for Windows 11 and Windows 10 is unknown, and it’s unclear when the app will be available. While there is no official release of the program, Microsoft said in an announcement blog post that a preview version of the HDR calibration software for Windows has been announced on the Dev Channel.

You can see a new section under System > Display > HDR Settings, ‘HDR Display Calibration’, here is the upcoming HDR calibration software for Windows. However, prior to the official rollout, a user visit to this location will redirect you to the above page. HDR calibration software will likely have the following three test modes:

  • One is to find the darkest visible detail you can see.
  • One that determines the most striking and vivid details
  • Finally, determine the maximum brightness of the display.

That’s all we know so far about Windows HDR Calibration.


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