Will Intel Core i7 5500U Support Windows 11?

Some Intel Core i7 5500U report that the Windows saying my PC can’t run Windows 11. They have no idea whether the Intel Core i7 5500U support Windows 11 or not. Take it easy, the next part will tell you the answer.


Why Does Intel Core i7 5500U Not Support Windows 11?

Intel Core i7 5500u is a 5th generation Intel processor launched in 2015. But now we are currently on 10th and 11th generation processors from Intel. It means that i7 5500u is an old processor.

The minimum requirements for Windows 11 CPU is at least 8th generation processor. Because Microsoft is devoting to ensuring the better experience on Windows 11. Some old processors performs poor when running Windows 11, like higher crash rate and so on. That’s why Microsoft marked Intel Core i7 5500U as unsupported CPU for Windows 11. And you can check the complete list of compatible processor. You will find that i7 5500u is not in the list.

When Will Intel Core i7 5500U Not Support Windows 11?

We don’t think Microsoft will allow Windows 11 run on PC with i7 5500U processor in the future. It has been a long time since the Windows 11 officially released. There is no sign that Microsoft wants to update the processor list compatible with Windows 11. As time goes on, the processor will also get update for higher generation. In order to keep the better performance of Windows 11, it seems impossible to support Windows 11 on PC with i7 5500U processor.

Can I install Windows 11 on Unsupported i7 5500U Processor?

Yes, you can. Although the PC with i7 5500U processor will not receive the update to Windows 11 from Microsoft. Those devices can also perform a clean install of Windows 11. But before you do that, you should know that the unsupported CPU installed with Windows 11 may perform poor. If you do not care about that, then you can go ahead.

Install Windows 11 by Downloading ISO

Step 1 Download an ISO image of Windows 11 from the Microsoft site. Run the ISO installer to install Windows 11 on your PC with Intel Core i7 5500U.

Step 2 Download an Installation Assistant from the Microsoft website. The installation assistant will guide you to complete the installation of Windows 11 on your computer.

Step 3 Create an installation media on a USB drive or a DVD media by using the Media creation utility from the Microsoft site. Boot the system using the media and run through the Windows 11 installation process.

Install Windows 11 Using Tools

There are two thrid party programs which allow you install Windows 11 bypassing the Windows 11 requirements. They are Ventoy and WinPass11. Using these two tools to install Windows 11 on Intel Core i7 5500U will be much easier. You can check the detailed steps in the following two articles:

WinPass11: Install Windows 11 on unsupported PC

Ventoy: Install Windows 11 on unsupported PC


Now, you know the answer for will Intel Core i7 5500U support Windows 11. The answer is no. But you can still install Windows 11 on Intel Core i7 5500U based PC by downloading ISO or using third party tools. Hope this can help you.


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