What Does ‘TBH’ Mean in Text?

Generally speaking, TBH means an honest opinion about a situation (to be honest), but TBH means appreciation (to be heard) when it is used on Instagram and other social media sites.

TBH Mean in Text

The original meaning of TBH is an acronym for “honest”. People use TBH when they are trying to discuss an uncomfortable or controversial topic. For example:

User 1: We can’t take in all these refugees for our city can barely take care of the population.

User 2: TBH, it is good for our community for we could use more workers.

TBH Mean in Instagram

How is TBH used as ‘To Be Heard’ on social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr. TBH is used by teens to grab attention. TBH means someone’s opinion has been heard. In this cases, it is used to solicit likes on Instagram, for example: “like a tbh” in post, “Reply to my post for tbh”.

In conclusion, TBH can be critical or complementary, depending on the situation. It encourages teens to say the honest feelings about a person or idea. The TBH means to be heard, which started appearing on sites like Facebook and Tumblr around 2010. And it is popular on sites like ask.fm.

How to use TBH as ‘To Be Honest’?

There are some other examples of how to use TBH:

  • TBH, you’re my best friend.
  • It’s not a big deal, TBH.
  • TBH I’m pretty hungry now.

The TBH meaning of “to be heard” is not working committing for the trends is out of the way. It is mostly used by teenagers.

Other Internet Acronyms Like TBH

Although TBH is no longer one of the top 50 trending Internet slang terms. However, many acronyms for “honesty” are still popular on the web, including:

  • TBTH: Honestly
  • TBCH: Honestly
  • MHO: my honest opinion
  • JBH: To be honest
  • 2BH: Tell the truth
  • IIH: If I’m being honest
  • IMAHO: In my absolutely honest opinion

While Internet acronyms increase efficiency and add interest, not all acronyms are harmless. As parents, you need to remind your children that words can be harmful because it may surface flattering, insulting, offensive. However, the meaning of TBH depends on the situations, you should always understand the meaning of Internet acronyms.


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