Way to Download and Use Logitech G Hub on Windows 11

Logitech G Hub is a free app from Logitech that helps you manage and customize your gaming peripherals. Any Logitech gaming accessory is compatible with the Logitech G Hub app. Next let’s first look at what the Logitech G Hub app is and how to use it in Windows 11.

What is Logitech G Hub?

Logitech G HUB is a brand-new driver setting software specially launched by Logitech for G series peripherals, to replace the Logitech Gaming Peripheral Driver Software (LGS). In the Logitech G HUB driver, you can customize all of your peripherals. A series of configurations such as lighting, mouse macros, etc.

Enter the mouse settings, the three buttons on the left are lighting settings, button settings, and sensitivity settings from top to bottom.

Light setting interface

Lighting settings: These special effects are relatively conventional, the highlight of which is the audio visual effect, which can change color according to the sound frequency. This function is a bit cool, and different colors and effects are set in the high, middle and low frequency bands. I am a wireless mouse, mainly to save power, the effect is all off.

Key setting

Button settings: Some students who have special needs for buttons or use mouse macros can edit them here. I personally use all the default settings and skip this step.

Sensitivity setting

In the sensitivity setting interface, most people still have the need for personalized settings. There is a horizontal axis for DPI speed. I read it for a while before I understand it. On this axis, you can add DPI speed switching points, up to five. Deleting the switch point is also done on this axis. After clicking with the left mouse button, press DELETE to delete it. After setting, click the plus sign to assign the DPI setting to the mouse. If you change the computer environment, without installing GHUB, you can also switch the DPI setting according to the DPI setting you wrote before, and switch the DPI setting according to the scene. The switch button is usually at the bottom of the mouse.

Headphone setting

Because my G PROX is a gaming headset, I have no need for sound quality. I am not professional in sound settings. I directly preset the settings of a professional player. This is also the highlight of the Logitech GHUB driver. The parameter settings of professional players are based on After the game has been adjusted, you can preset the settings of professional players, saving you the time to debug it yourself.

How to Install Logitech G Hub?

Visit the official download page for Logitech G Hub for Windows 11 and click the Download Now button.

Locate and double-click the .EXE file in the download directory.

Click Yes to continue. The installer will open and begin downloading the preliminary files required for installation.

After downloading, restart your computer.

After rebooting, the installer will reopen on its own. Alternatively you can click on the .EXE file to open the installer manually and click the “Install” button.

How to Use Logitech G Hub?

Open the application. Click the arrow on the right to navigate the settings screens and reach the last screen.

Click “Launch G Hub” to launch the app.

A prompt asks if you want to send analytics data to Logitech. Make a selection by clicking the appropriate radio button, then click the Activate button below.

Your Logitech G gear will then be automatically detected and recognized. Click on the available gear to configure it starting from the Dashboard/Home screen.

Opens specific customization options for the selected device. Customize LIGHTSYNC settings and other settings such as DPI or acceleration for the mouse, macros for the keyboard, etc.

The selected profile defaults to “Desktop”. Please click the “Profile” drop-down menu at the top, which will display the current profile.

Then, select Manage Profiles from the menu.

G Hub will automatically detect games installed on your system and display them under Games & Apps.

If not, you can also add games manually by clicking the “Add a game or application (+)” button and selecting an application from your computer.

Click the game icon under “Games & Apps” to select it to add a profile to the game. Click the “Add Profile for Selected Game” option.

Name the profile. You can create multiple profiles for the same game.

Click on a profile to customize its gear settings.

That’s all about how to download and use Logitech G Hub.


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