Ventoy Download: Bypass Windows 11 Hardware and Online Account Requirements

On December 24th, Ventoy 1.0.86 was released. What is Ventoy? How to use Ventoy to bypass Windows 11 hardware and online account requirements? Next, this article will detail how to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware using Ventoy.

What is Ventoy?

Ventoy is an open source tool for Microsoft Windows to create a bootable USB drive. Ventoy supports multiple disk images on a single USB drive, so it can help users run different versions/installers of Windows or Linux on a single device.

Ventoy 1.0.86 further improves the installation of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system. This version enables bypassing Windows 11 hardware and online account requirements by default. The following are the details of these two items:

VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_CHECK – Bypass TPM, Secure Boot, CPU, and RAM checks. Ventoy creates several registry keys to bypass TPM, CPU, Secure Boot and RAM checks when installing Windows 11. Ventoy 1.0.55 also has this feature, but it must be enabled manually.

VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_NRO – Bypasses Windows 11’s online account requirement. You can set up local accounts when installing Windows 11. Earlier versions of Ventoy could also bypass the online account requirement, but the latest Ventoy 1.0.86 has this feature enabled by default, and Windows 11 users can now install the operating system on unsupported hardware, run upgrades and bypass the online account requirement.

In most cases, installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware works fine. However, new feature update installations, such as Windows 11 version 22H2, need to re-bypass compatibility checks and requirements.

In addition to bypassing Windows 11 hardware and online account requirements, Ventoy 1.0.86 includes several fixes and improvements. Such as Ventoy2Disk.exe support for command line mode and new menu languages. Click here to view the full log.

Ventoy isn’t the only bootable media tool that can bypass Windows 11 requirements. There is also Rufus, which includes similar functionality.

How to Install Ventoy?

Step 1 Click here to visit the download page for Ventoy.

Step 2 Click ventoy-1.0.86-windows.zip to download.

download ventoy bypass windows 11

Step 3 Extract from the downloaded zip folder and double click on Ventoy2Disk.exe.

Step 4 Connect USB to your PC and choose it. Select Secure Boot Support under Option. Step 5 Click Install button and then you will get Ventoy installed.

install ventoy bypass windows 11 requirements

How to Use Ventoy Bypassing Windows 11 Requirements?

After installing Ventoy, now you can use it to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware by the following steps.

Step 1 Download Windows 11 ISO.

Step 2 Open Ventoy folder and copy the Windows 11 ISO file to Ventoy folder.

Step 3 Create a new folder named ventoy. Open ventoy folder and right-click on the space to create a json file.

Step 4 Copy and paste the following code to the file and save it.

“control”: [







{ “VTOY_MENU_TIMEOUT”: “10” },

{ “VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE”: “/ISO/debian_netinstall.iso” },

{ “VTOY_FILE_FLT_EFI”: “1” },



use ventoy bypass windows 11 requirements

Step 5 Boot PC from that USB and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete Windows 11 installation.


Now, you may know the answers for what is Ventoy and how to use Ventoy bypassing Windows 11 requirements. If you want to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware, you can use Ventoy to solve your problem.


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