TranslucentTB Makes Windows 11 Taskbar Completely Transparent

The Windows taskbar spans from the left to the right of the screen by default. And Microsoft changed the default alignment to center on Windows 11. Compared to the previous Windows taskbar, the Windows 11 taskbar has also removed several options. What used to be easy, like changing the size of the taskbar, is no longer easy on the new Windows 11 taskbar. In this case, it is recommended that users use third-party software to make changes to the taskbar. The more popular third-party software for taskbars are Taskbar11, RoundedTB, or Start11. These software can help users to move the taskbar to the top and so on.

In addition to users who want to be able to modify the size and position of the taskbar, there are also some users who want to modify the transparency of the Windows 11 taskbar. There are two ways to modify the transparency. One is the option to apply transparency to windows and taskbars via system settings, but it is not 100% transparent. Also note that these settings cannot be changed if Windows 11 is not activated. The second is to modify the transparency of the Windows 11 taskbar through third-party software TranslucentTB. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps:

Method 1: Change the Windows 11 taskbar into transparent taskbar via settings

Open Start, then click Settings to open the Settings application.

Go to Personalization > Colors.

Toggle the Transparency Effect option to On. The taskbar will change the color when you change the parameter value.

Method 2: TranslucentTB changes the Windows 11 taskbar into a transparent taskbar

this article will tell you how to make Windows 11 taskbar completely transparent with

Download TranslucentTB

Download TranslucentTB from the GitHub. Download and run the TransluscentTB.appinstaller file to install TranslucentTB on your computer.

When running TranslucentTB, it will add an icon to the system tray area. Right-click the icon and choose Desktop > Clear for a fully transparent taskbar. The app supports other taskbar states; play with those and find the one that works best for you. Colors can be customized for each state, except the normal state.

Tip: You can also try Open Shell, the successor to the classic shell. The Windows 10 taskbar can be made transparent with Classic Shell, and the Windows 10 taskbar can be made transparent with Open Shell.


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